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Beyond This Point

      Gambling is not allowed here at the estate but all I see is score cards, charts, numbers and a bet that my latest invention will fail – a holiday story I hope. In the meantime, I’m taking my queues from Jim and Peter. This latest security chief has the guards and me on edge. They can’t perform their jobs because even the slightest mistake is blown out of proportion. Some of the best guards refuse to even come here anymore –

Everyone is busy during the holidays, security included. The main monitor room used to be in the house as mentioned in the story:

“I don’t know why I get that feeling, Pete. I know who all the guards are and where the security room is. Supposedly, they just monitor all the entrances and driveways at the estate. I’ve counted six cameras and the security monitor room. It’s not too sophisticated looking.”

“Do the guard shacks have any monitors?”

“No, all the monitoring is done from the security room.”

Jim actually redesigned security for the estate per request of Bellingham. A couple of years later, Peter asked me to redesign it again due to Thurston Reichbach moving some of the corporate offices to the third floor. The main monitor room is mobile, never in one spot too long. There are “monitoring posts” at the perimeter of each corner. We also hired a new agency who rotate the guards more often, per request of Neil who must have ran into too many guards in the maids room. All guards have pervious law enforcement experience and subject to a detailed background check. Yes, Neil and Bellingham also included them on my “honesty checklist” for testing. The Seargeant of the Guard is a permanent hire. “Sgt. Stan” is very Army like, having served in the military so long. The new guards have to salute him. The guards don’t like him and have complained to me that he’s too rigid. However guards are always requesting to come here once cleared as the pay is near triple the average wage for the area. When I try to talk to him, Sgt. Stan is condescending and when I told him something the other day he said, “And what does a sixteen year old girl know about security matters?” I humbly said, “I designed the security system you see in place.” Considering he complimented Bellingham on our “having the most sophisticated security set up he’d ever seen,” (his words), that shut him up for the time being.

I’m helping Lenny and Sally with the final preparations for Thanksgiving. The reason I’m bringing up security for the estate is because there was a threat made to the main corporation and considering they are moving the most central part of it into the third floor here, security has become a big issue. With that aside, I told Sgt. Stan that Bellingham wanted most of the guards in suits for the week. Guards at the gates and patrol could stay in uniform. 

Monday, I turned off a section of the perimeter “beam” for an hour figuring no one would notice. I guess the efficient guard noticed the LED’s I set up on the NW post were red. He called Sgt. Stan and he must have went over in his little security golf cart. I guess he took a spasm about it. The guard told Sally that he nearly had a heart attack. It came back on and he turned in a major report about the incident. “What an excitable chap he is,” said Lenny. That gave me an idea.

Lately, he’s been complaining about his golf cart batteries not charging. Lights going on and off, security breaches… you get the picture. I was told to test the guards, wasn’t I?   

Sgt. Stan told Lenny that “Davia’s antics will get the best of her.” He also called me “sneaky.” I know everything I’ve done lately I can justify and also know the man is going to call me in for questioning. I need to be ready…

-  -  -   

The Next Act

The Next Act

                                     The Next Act   

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