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Beyond This Point

      Bellingham was grilling me for a job I didn’t ask for or want. Let me continue.  I did design the electronic security system per J & P approval. I don’t think anyone could get in undetected and its been tested several times.

    I knew when Bellingham rang for me early this morning that I was going to have to defend myself. Because of my knowledge of computers and electronics, J & P put the security of this place on my shoulders. But I’m more like the unofficial head of security when Jim and Peter are away. They need to come back. Everything is changing here. Corporate offices are being built. That means a new physical and logical security design. Logical means all the electronics, computers and networks, phones… This will be a heavy undertaking that I know I’ll be part of.

“Please have a seat Davia,” Bellingham said rather formally. I like Bellingham, he’s savvy and smart. I’m not that savvy but will use my smarts to make up for it – and I know what’s coming. “Well, Sgt. Stan tells me there’s been all kinds of strange little problems around the estate lately. You’re in charge of our electronics, can you explain some of these incidents?” Bellingham handed me the incident reports. I read through two of them and smiled. “The LED indicator lights are exposed Sir, they get wet and start to malfunction.” Bellingham asked, “How did that happen?” I went on to explain that they need to be inserted in a permanent clear bond material so know one will play with them.” I was insuating that Sgt. Stan was tampering with the electronics. Bellingham continued, “Sgt Stan says in this report that his golf cart battery has been discharged several times this week. It reads you gave him another that also discharged. Can you explain this?” I drew a deep breath. We built a new golf cart station for Sgt. Stan, separate from the other vehicles. Didn’t he say he was an “electronics expert?” Bellingham nodded, “Yes he did Davia, but that’s not his main job.” I told Bellingham, “All he had to do is look at the red wire dangling from the power station and screw it back in place – a one minute job.” Bellingham smiled slightly, “I know your not very happy with Sgt. Stan, but he’s very methodical,” defending him from my last statement. “What about these other incidents, are they so trivial that you expected him to fix them also?” Bellingham said; his tone slightly insinuating I’m to blame.

“You told me to test the guards just like we do all new employees Sir, and that’s what I did. Sgt. Stan has sold himself on his electronics knowledge and ingenuity. I decided to test his claims.” Bellingham let out a small smile but I couldn’t read his mind. “Continue, please.” I went on, “I wanted to see if he could fix the frayed red wire without me. He didn’t. He requested this golf cart station for himself and we made it happen. As for his ingenuity, all he had to do was go out to the rear of the garage where four more charged batteries sit and grab one. He didn’t do that either.”

“Bellingham looked frustrated and finally said, “Okay Davia, what are you trying to tell me here? Is it that you just can’t get along with him?” I held my emotions in check but blurted out. “He talks down to me and I’ll accept that. But the problem is he has all the guards on edge. Sam and Sue told me they won’t come back until he’s gone Sir. We can’t lose these good people with all the changes coming up now.” I saw a small amount of panic in Bellingham now so I added more. “He took it upon himself to reroute the infrared lasers Peter and I set up.” With a raised eyebrow Bellingham asked, “Did he say why?” I answered, “He wouldn’t explain it too me and I tried to tell him that this second layer of physical security was very important but he just waved me off.”

Happy Thanksgiving, more later…

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The Next Act

The Next Act

                                     The Next Act   

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