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      Q & A: We do try to run fuel efficient vehicles here at the estate. Even our vans get 20 + mpg no matter what the price of gas. I’ve made it a point to turn green and think green and the Richenbach’s are right there. – Why did Dr. Higgenbottom give up his quest for ion drive propulsion to go the Xevatron project? I’m not sure he ever gave up on ion propulsion for interplanetary adventures. Remember when he told Peter, “I can do so much more down here than up there.” There are 2 areas here in the lab that are used for ion research. I have permission to tell you about an exciting test I watched. – What am I getting for Xmas? Hopefully a PhD. – Am I still treated like a kid from the establishment down here in the lab? No but I think Dr. H and Quimby have kind of adopted me. I even get to sit in on some of their high level meetings. – Am I on social media? I tried and they suspended the account before I could even say, hello. I took that as my que to stay away. – Is this website still staying up for 2015? At least through the winter. DN

Review of 2014 -

Some readers have called the story of Dr. Higgenbottom “mumbo-jumbo.” Another called the physics mentioned here, “hocus-pocus.” I think they may have short memories or reading every other line.  “This year, debates in physics circles took a worrying turn. Faced with difficulties in applying fundamental theories to the observed Universe, some researchers called for a change in how theoretical physics is done.” Story  -  Accepted theories are going up in smoke? Why blame me? Who’s really in the hocus-pocus business? Even some of the “craziest” claims are now coming true. You haven’t let me forget Dr.H’s and Spencers’ predictions about Mars? Where could you find predictions like that a year ago?

How many readers have reminded me about Dr. Higgenbottom’s and Spencer’s claim about announcing artifacts found on Mars? About a year ago, when Peter wrote for this blog, he mentioned what both scientists said. Dr. H. said the announcement would come by end of 2014. Dr. Spencer believed the announcement would come in late 2015. Both are sure of their claims and after meeting them, I’m sure they know that artifacts have been found on Mars many years ago. Here’s the newest story about methane gas being picked up by sensors. Do we finally have proof of life on Mars? Isn’t it amazing that an obscure website like this forecasts future events with accuracy.

Let’s go further back in time when JJ & PJ set up this site. Readers remember the comet ISON. As predicted more than a year ago, the comet made it around the sun and left town. Here’s an article about ISON. I’m mentioning it here because the research and prediction was made by Merle Rollins in the story, The Missing Math Man. Merle had declared the trajectory of the comet back in 2002 in notes found by JJ, who searched his rented storage locker, hoping to find some clues in Merle’s disappearance. Instead, he found the notes about the comet and diagrams of Merles LNR device. Merle was way ahead of his time and that is another story in itself.

JJ found Merle and then he got “lost” again only to show up at Higgenbottom’s laboratory. The funny thing about all of this is that after Peter first met Dr. H. and handed him his card, Dr. H. ended up reading, The Next Act, found out about Merle’s unusual scientific achievements and asked the Agent in Charge of the Xevatron, Jen, to send someone to find Merle and invite him to the lab. When Jim and Peter come to the lab for their initial interview, they meet Merle again. I overheard them both agree that ISON was no ordinary comet. Why did Merle write about this comet in 2002? How did he even know about it back then? What is its significance? More to come on these questions…


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The Next Act

The Next Act

                                     The Next Act   

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