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Beyond This Point

      Okay, back to finish the story -

   Situated along the coast, the outside windows get washed four times a year, the insides, twice. They hired a company named, Brightly Windows, to do the work. There are so many windows, it took the staff away from their schedules to the point where Bellingham decided to hire an outside vendor. Add the fact that cleaning windows near the ocean sometimes requires acid to clean them, you get an idea of the work required. Brightly Windows sent a 6-person team to tackle the outside windows. The windows here are all triple-paned and mostly for aesthetics and sunshine. I mean they are fixed in place and do not open. Generally, one window per room does open and but used infrequently.

Do you remember some of the tests performed for new employees? Briefly, I placed objects of value and money around to see if new employees would return them to lost and found or pocket them. One afternoon, I left one of my bracelets in the Winn room. It wasn’t very valuable. It had some nice stones placed in an 18 carat gold layered chain. I left it for a new hire named Wendy who was passing all the tests and soon to be hired. The problem is, I went back into the room to pick up my books and when I looked under the table, the bracelet was gone and Wendy was just coming on duty – she couldn’t have taken it!

I should not have placed the bracelet down without turning on the camera but I never thought it would disappear in fifteen minutes. I looked in the lost and found – nothing. Maids, butlers and staff weren’t around. I did hear some voices but they were outside and I didn’t give it a second thought, at least at that time. This was a complete puzzler besides loosing a cheap bracelet.

I didn’t know what to do and felt as if I failed somehow. I decided to call Peter. “What should I do Peter, I don’t know how it could just vanish in that short a time?” Peter answered, “Maybe Kingston picked it up or one of the cats.” I never thought about it, but they were all outside. “They’re not around and they never showed interest in that sort of thing anyway.” He continued, “If you haven’t walked around the area where you placed the bracelet, grab your camera and take pictures. Look for odd shoe indentations, dirt, sand or anything around the scene. Then take pictures of the entire room; chairs, sofas, the bar, etc. and we’ll blow them up later on the big screen when I get home.” I know what he was saying. I didn’t hold out much hope in this procedure even though it was in the golden rules of detective investigation. I have to admit there were some odd shoe indentations around the area I had left the bracelet. So, I snapped pictures of everything and when Peter came home, we put them up on a high resolution screen. “I did find a few lawn shreds Peter, but they could be old. The robot vacs should have hit that area.” He interjected, “More than likely Davia, those are fresh prints, so let’s look at the pictures of the carpets a bit more. We scanned the photos for a good ten minutes and saw the slightest amounts of lawn shreds and sand. “The vacuums would have certainly got that stuff, those are fresh prints!” I exclaimed. By the time we scanned the sofas near the windows Peter asked, “Why are the windows streaked like that Davia?” I told him, “Sometimes the window washers do a first pass with a strong solution then someone else comes by to finish them. The price of living on the coast I guess.” Then he said, “Does that window open?” We looked at each other now wondering if the first window washer peeked in and spotted the jewelry, hopped in the window, grabbed it and went back about his business. “Time for you to put out some bait for the window washers girl.”

I did and they did. At least the guy who does the preliminary washing. I left more fake jewelry around so anyone peeking in could spot it. “Joe,” peeked in, spotted the bait, and came in through the window, made the heist and went back to work. I played the recording for Bellingham who spoke to the supervisor of the crew. Joe got relieved of duties, compensation made and all was well.

P.S. Comments and questions are always welcome. Keep out the cuss words and I’ll put up a Q & A around the holidays if there are enough of them. Question: Will the latest ebook come out soon? Answer: Probably not, Dr. H. won’t let them publish it because they don’t want to return to the “laboratory” and he feels like he can hold them hostage that way knowing softcovers don’t sell much and there’s no profit in them. What he doesn’t know is that Peter wrote the story so parties interested will know what is going on far below, not for profits.  

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The Next Act

The Next Act

                                     The Next Act   

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