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  Mystery Spot

          Thanks for the note about putting up the books on Amazon Select that qualify authors to get in to their new ebook club. Dr. H. has stopped the presses sort of speak. All our books are available from Amazon, but the newest book is only in softcover. Higgenbottom is mad at us for not returning to his lab immediately. We do plan to go, at some point. Higgenbottom also mentioned he did not want us speaking about his comments about finding artifacts on Mars soon. We don’t know why, at some point that will have to come out. There have been dribs and drabs of our rovers finding unusual objects, not just from private websites, but the mainstream. Even Higgenbottom told Pete to read this story when it came out: “Did an amateur spot secret Mars base? Uh, no…”  Story  Very interesting. Pete mentioned that there have been several crashes on Mars but this looks too symmetrical to be something like that. Higgenbottom was an ion propulsion scientist who took charge of a large secretive particle accelerator project, deep below. Even he joked about the switch…



Beyond This Point

   Dr. H. and Pete are speaking to one another on a robocart ride –

But isn’t this part of the reason you came here from NASA, Doctor, to explore ion physics for propulsion? But now you’re seeing possibilities of zero point energy in future space travel designs.” Pete was winding up Higgenbottom now, probing for more information.

“Yes Pete, this is part of the reason I came here. Isn’t it amazing, I can do so much more down here than I could up there. But now they’ve made me the head honcho and I’m a like a kid in a candy shop,” he said, louder than he intended. But then he whispered, “We must fully understand these principles, Pete, to recreate our new little universe down below.”

We were both amazed by his statement, “I can do so much more down here than I could up there.” He’s a big proponent of a manned expedition to Mars but obviously felt his experiments and freedom to test other theories was better accomplished below. How he knows that artifacts have been found on Mars or why he was laughing about the 700 foot long cylinder like structure is still a bit of a mystery. Speaking of odd structures, his design of the “Xevatron 3″ was like no other –

 “I have to pry Higgenbottom for more information. You see how he reacts? Just like a kid sometimes. He has most of the scientists baffled but he knows that I’m familiar with Tesla, Keely, and others like them. When I asked him if he’s trying to make a new ‘mini-universe’ down here, he burst out in laughter.”

We were baffled by the number of mathematicians involved as well as the “odd skills” of the upper staff. Pete soon concluded that the numbering scheme itself indicated that this was like nothing else on earth –

   We got our robocarts back on track and headed out of TNS-2 (strange replacements of current RF rooms found in particle accelerator design). “Seems to me, we have every mishmash of scientist on this project, at least as far as the leaders go,” I said, thinking aloud. I spotted a stop light warning that another tunnel was coming up and said, “Let’s take a right turn here.” This tunnel was on the map, leading to the very center of the entire lab, marked 72. “This is where the gold wire was cut out and stolen, Pete.” It says here the wire sat outside, on the bottom of the beam pipe. Although it has already been replaced, the amount was significant. The replacement wire is sealed this time, making it much harder to reach without serious tools and time.”

“Gold wire,” Pete exclaimed! What’s that doing in a place like this? Higgenbottom had all kinds of tricks up his sleeve. It began to sound more like a witches brew down here. A little dab of this, a little dab of that -

“The problem is that they only installed them after a significant amount of gold went missing. You know that all the gold installed in the system was a secret, kept from nearly everyone.”

We turned into the new tunnel slowly, but once clear, I told Pete we were going to haul it. This tunnel was better lit with more equipment and boxes. With our robo racing along, my mind was moving as fast. I remember Pete telling me a little bit about the particle accelerator, standard model. What was a thick strand of pure gold wire doing sitting on the beam pipe? Where were the cameras? What was that blue arc? I felt for the first time in my life I was working in a three-dimensional puzzle.

Before we take off, let me address several emails from folks, including some scientists about Dr. Higgenbottom’s odd design of the Xevatron 3, etc. We’ve heard rumors that even the biggest and latest PA’s will be closing and new ones built? This in itself is an indicator that “they” are not finding what they want to find. Dr. H speaks of his design as a “huge leap in the future in PA design and a giant step back a few millenniums” with a big laugh. He’s put a big piece of the puzzle together, no doubt, but as Pete suggested, it should be built on the moon or somewhere else :)

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The Next Act

The Next Act

                                     The Next Act    Comments from Editorial Reviewers: “The drama here is in the nuts and bolts of ferreting out the mystery in some off-beat cases.” –  -  “A highly entertaining mystery and crime book containing 20 short stories.” TBR-  -  The story, and its placement, indicates right away that this isn’t your typical detective book… Comments from Amazon Reviews:   “I found them to be the most unusual and unique cases, that you normally don’t hear about. Like an office building full of employees who keep getting sick, even after returning from recovering from the illness.” – Amazon review  -  “Many of the stories have a humorous side to them as well.” - Amazon review   “Jim is often accompanied by his family, primarily his techno-wiz son. I liked this angle, as it shows his family life as well as progresses the current case.” - Amazon review  -  “Each curious story I read before bed leaves me with a smile.” – Amazon review   -  “Many of Jim’s cases discussed were sort of off the wall, and it was in that aspect that I really found this book interesting.” – Amazon review Comments from Friends (whom I’ve not asked to give us an Amazon review): “Should be a text book.” – Cathy. “A teaching book.” – Ann  “Should be a movie.” – Roy. “I’ve had to put down 4 best seller’s recently, they were boring! I’ve read some stories in, The Next Act, three times already. You won’t be bored, I promise – Davia” –  “What funny and odd detective stories” – Brenda.  “Better than the book I’m reading now that’s on the best seller list.” – Johnny The Case Book of Detective Jim Jesson. This was our first small book with 10 stories we wrote in 2012. We decided to publish it and is available for .99 cents on Amazon. We’re on –  BOOKBUZZ    BROADWAY    PR.COM    NEWBOOKJOURNAL     GOODREADS    PORTSMOUTH HERALD              

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