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Mystery Spot

  Mystery Spot

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   Mr. Dix and Sharie were the ultimate scammers. Even the Feds were after them for interstate scams and where I first met Agent Jen Breen. The handsome Mr. Dix had just been shopping and scammed the store for some new suits…

“Great,” said Agent Breen, “she would have handed him the whole store in exchange for a date.”

We laughed and I told her that a “Mr. Dicks” had been there before purchasing new suits. He’d picked up shirts, socks, belts, everything for a new wardrobe, presented the credit card, and didn’t want to wait for any tailoring. So they’d packed it all up, put the card through a zip-zap machine, and off he went. The card came back fraudulent and the store beat for fourteen hundred dollars. “So, Agent Breen, our job is to find this guy, whoever he is.”

“Certainly he must be pulling this in other stores in town,” Breen said.

“You’re quite right, and your job is to visit as many of these other stores with a composite picture and a list of names starting with Dix.”

We left each other’s company and I went over to Berkowski’s, one of the larger fine department stores in town. I knew the general manager, house detective, and security staff well, as I patrolled the area often. They already had a composite sketch of Mr. Dix and some of his aliases. But had this mattered to a gal named Tania? Not at all. She, too, had been mesmerized by Mr. Dix and never thought to check the fraud list which hung right next to the cash register. Each register had a list of recent check forgers and known thieves, and Mr. Dix was listed. He had scammed them for fifteen hundred dollars in jewelry and clothes a few months earlier.

A few days later, trying to follow up on several cases, I caught up with agent Breen. “How goes the battle, Jen?”

“Well enough. I did pick up another forged card with the name ‘Mr. Dickson.’ He fits the description of our Mr. Dix, Jim, but the card numbers lead nowhere. They are completely fraudulent.”

“I guessed as much. Actually, I spoke to some of the major vendors of credit card blanks who are sending me a list of clients. We can match them to the banks around town, for starters.” By the time I received the list, Agent Breen had been reassigned. What else is new?

I sat down with the list of banks which had received the blank credit cards. There was no magnetic strip, only talk of inserting a strip on each card in the future. I figured when it did happen, it would allow for instant verification and probably put Mr. Dix out of business, or at least this business. Anyway, I recognized most of the banks that had received the blanks with the exception of a few. One of those was Sharie Associates, which didn’t sound like a bank at all. I made a note to take a drive by each business I didn’t recognize the name of. However, I was informed that some third-party vendors get blanks and personalize a bank’s blank cards for them, so it was no surprise to see a company like Sharie.

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The Next Act

The Next Act

                                                The Next Act

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The Case Book of Detective Jim Jesson. This was our first small book with 10 stories we wrote in 2012. We decided to publish it and is available for .99 cents on Amazon.


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