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Beyond This Point

       Yes, there is more to the story, Rosie’s Ghost. Since there were many readers for part one, here’s part two.  Here, Jim and his late wife, Lexi, tried to sneak in to the inn –

Taking a short vacation, we just wanted to sneak in and get a quiet dinner at the Cape Martin Inn, when Ken crept up behind me holding a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, saying, “well, if it isn’t my favorite ghost buster, Jim Jesson.” We all laughed and exchanged greetings.

“You’re not looking for a vacation without sleeping over here at the Inn are you Jim,” He asked with a smile.

We were heading to Cape Porpoise and decided it would be nice to stop in and look over the Inn where the story, Rosie’s Ghost, originated. The Inn was no longer an inn, just a big restaurant, slowing growing in fame. I found the “ghost.” about 15 months ago. But then again…

“Believe it or not Ken, Lexi and I am hoping to get a few days up here without any adventures.”

“That’s too bad Jim, because I have one for you.”

Lexi frowned; she knew I was all ears when it came to an investigation.

“I did find your ghost, Ken, don’t tell me there are more?”

“Well,” Ken started saying, “we still have some old ghosts haunting the place I’m afraid to say.” You see, after you found our ghost the last time, things really settled down – at least for a year or so. Of course, Pierre never let it rest entirely. He spoke to Rosie every morning and you know we played jokes on one another as I mentioned in the note I sent you. But, in late February, things started to get mysterious I’m afraid.”

“How do you mean Ken?” I asked, both Lexi and I now very focused on the conversation.

“The strange noises, shadows, fireplaces spontaneously starting up, doors and windows slamming and all the fixings…”

Again, we all laughed but I could see a bit of dismay in Ken’s face.

“Monsieur Pierre came right out and said it was my fault this time,” Ken added.

“Your fault?” I exclaimed.

“Yes, you see, we wanted to seal up nine old windows upstairs that were part of the origional inn. They were windows inside the building, not used for anything, just part of the expansion that never got torn out and left in place.”

“I think I get the gist of what you’re saying Ken, but why would Rosie be involved here?”

“Pierre says Rosie got upset when I put in the little door. Once all the windows were knocked out and sealed up, I left room for a small door. I had to cut it to fit the old window space and we made it about 4 feet tall. Pierre said that Rosie thought I was setting it up for the ‘wee people.’”

“The what people?”

Ken chuckled and turned to my wife, “You know Lexi, tell Jim about the wee people.

Lexi said, “Jim, he means gnomes, leprechauns, faeries, you know, the little people.”

Ken got up and said, “You guys enjoy your dinner and perhaps you could come in to the office for a moment afterwards?” Ken said with a smile and nodding his head.

Lexi smiled, she knew my curiosity was peeked. Her’s too for that matter.

“Let’s face it Jim,” Lexi said. “Even you told me that if there was ever a place that was haunted it was the Cape Martin.” She went on, “you told me you saw 2 eyes watching you and Pete drive out more than a year ago.”

I smiled. I wasn’t sure of the matter now and didn’t want to upset our vacation this time by chasing more ghosts. I could see some anxiousness on Ken’s face and with dinner on the house, I felt a bit guilty about just sneaking out.

Lexi added, “He looks stressed, no harm in talking to him and get the latest news about our friends. I’ll make myself comfortable by the fire; you go in and see him.”

With Lexi’s okay, I felt I owed it to Ken to go talk with him. So as Lexi got near the toasty fireplace and talking with some of the staff, I went into Ken’s office.

“Jim, please sit down,” he said enthusiastically when he saw me walk in.

I immediately said, “Ken, why on earth would Rosie be mad about the wee people or a 4 foot door?”

“Pierre says, she got jealous thinking I was catering to them instead of her.” He smiled and I burst out into laughter.

“I have a mess on my hands again, Jim. No one wants to come in early in the morning or stay too late into the night when all the action starts.”

“Certainly if Pierre has such rapport with Rosie, can’t he settle her down?”

“No, he loves it. He gets all kinds of attention from the staff and they all try to stay in good with him, so Rosie or her bo won’t bother them.”

“I understand, but really, what can I do? If it really is a ghost problem this time, you need a ghost buster.”

“I need to know if this is a human or apparition, Jim. I figure, if it’s another prank, you’ll catch them. If not, I’ll call for the ghost busters.”

“You observed my methods Ken, I can do it all over again, but I don’t have a lot of time. I also rented a nice place up north and Lexi will never forgive me if we don’t get at least a week up there.”

“So what do you say for giving me 3 days here? I’ll put you and Lexi up nearby and pay you whether or not you find the answer or not.”

That certainly sounded like a good deal. Most of my fees came only with a successful resolution but deep inside, I knew 3 days would not be enough to catch another ghost at the Inn.

Well, as promised, Ken put us up at the best hotel in town, right next to the Playhouse. I guess Monsieur Pierre, the maintenance – cleaning guy, finally made it into the Playhouse in small fill in type roles. I was happy for him although he was a royal pain in the ____ with his ghost stories.

My plan was simple. Pete was on his way with another van filled with all our equipment. I would film the entire grounds from midnight on for the next 3 nights. We even had infrared and could pick up any living creature coming or going in the dark – I did say living. With time against me, I took advantage of Pete’s offer of filming with kirlain photography this time. We also set up audio recorders all over the inn.

The moment the inn closed on Tuesday at midnight, Pete and I went in with our equipment. We had infra-red goggles, thermal heat detectors, a spectrum analyzer and bug detectors. Pete went upstairs to the old part of the inn, I stayed downstairs. EofE

-  -  -   

The Next Act

The Next Act

                                     The Next Act   

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