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Mystery Spot

  Mystery Spot

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My attempt to semi-retire failed. Doris McKay’s body was found on one of those small islet’s Maine is famous for. An islet is a small island and there are many of them. Her uncle, Brian, met a similar fate just 6 weeks earlier.  The Chief had investigated one homicide in his career and came to me to bounce some thoughts off. Sitting in one of those cottage plastic chairs, he’s describing Doris’ habits… (BTW, this is the first story in our newest book.)

“She was kayaking on her day off as she liked to do. She enjoyed riding the waves in, right out yonder there,” he said, pointing out to the small beach and marshland. “Anyway, there’s an autopsy planned for tomorrow morning and a general inquiry by Judge Adeline McDuff right after. I would like you to come to the autopsy and even the inquiry if you would, Jim.”

I didn’t want to go to either of them, but Patterson needed a seasoned detective. “No problem, Chief—I mean Gil.” I could see a spark of relief in the chief’s face. How many autopsies had I been to? Too many, and I didn’t relish the idea of going to another but felt compelled to. We finished our coffee and Patterson got up from his lounge chair.

“The autopsy is at 8 a.m. sharp, Jim, and I look forward to seeing you there.”

“I hope the coroner feels the same way, Gil.”

I watched Patterson drive off and got another cup of coffee. I had reading to do. I poured into all the reports about Brian McKay’s death. There wasn’t much else in the newspaper except the crossword puzzle, and that could wait. I was so focused on reading all the reports that I never even heard Pete drive in. When I looked up, he was heading to the lounge chair that Gil had recently occupied.

I said, “That seat has seen a lot of action today.” I told Pete about the chief coming to visit, about the two McKay’s bodies found on separate islets, and everything I had read so far. Pete was fascinated by all the information. I told him how both bodies had washed up on separate but close islets.

He said, “Let’s grab Scott’s boat and go out there, Dad.”

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The Next Act

The Next Act

                                                The Next Act

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The Case Book of Detective Jim Jesson. This was our first small book with 10 stories we wrote in 2012. We decided to publish it and is available for .99 cents on Amazon.


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